We hope everyone is getting back into the school routine smoothly. We are excited to see so many familiar and new faces at our Educational therapy group titled ” HOMEWORK CLUB” each Tuesday from 4-5:30.

This is a complementary addition to students who get one on one support one day a week and then have them join a small group session working on the same goals and teaching at a higher level. they will  establish using the skills they have been taught on their own into practice and not rely on always needing that tutoring support year after year. It has been great to take the homework hassles out of the home and problem solve what and why those hassles take place.

The Boys and Girls club has expanded this fall from 12-5:00 each Saturday all year round.  We have restructured our programs curriculum in a different way this year. Each session begins with a group lesson dealing with a variety of issues. We base our curriculum on dealing with cognition as our gateway not behaviors. A few of the books we work from are: 1.The Social Success workbook by: Barbara Cooper, MPS and Nancy Widdows, MS. 2. What to do when you worry to much? by: Dawn Huebner, Ph.D 3. The anxiety workbooks by: Lisa M. Schab, LCSW 4. Coping with cliques by: Susan Sprague 5. Group exercises for enhancing social skills and self esteem by: Sirinam Khalsa. We end each session for a closing time that we call “Counsel”it is a time for us to reflect on our day and what our highs and lows were. We reappraise anything that may have come up doing that day that we need to revisit and problem solve the issue or event. We collaborate on what we can do differently next time we encounter a problem. We allow the kids to all take part in supporting each other and come up with the solutions together as a team.

THIS SATURDAY DONT MISS OUT: 9-25-10 we are all participating in HEAL THE BAY and volunteering some community service time for 1 hour to help clean up the beaches. We are also collecting plastic bottles and cans in our classroom to take to the recycling center to help raise money for a charity and save up for a special day trip as a group.


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